From Italy you can reach the Maldivesby plane, with a 9-hour journey, all major international companies offer flights from the main Italian airports.

In order to enter the state, you need a passport that is valid for at least three months from the moment of arrival in the Maldives. Maldiveonce you arrive you will be provided with a tourist visa valid for 30 days, which can later be extended for another 60 days, for a maximum duration of 90 days from the moment of arrival, in order to obtain the visa you do not need a passport photo and the compilation of a form.

As for the timetable Maldive the Maldives are 4 hours ahead of Italy, 3 hours if you travel during the summer time period, the local currency is the Rufiyaaan Italian euro is exchanged for 14 Rufiye, each Rufiyaa is divided into 100 Laaris, the major international currencies are also accepted in the Maldives and not only the Maldivian currency.

Spearfishing rifles, pork sausages, alcohol, sacred images, statues of deities, drugs will be blocked at customs, coral, shells, and starfish cannot be exported

As far as clothing is concerned, it is recommended to bring light clothing, preferably cotton, hats, rubber shoes for when you have a bath, to avoid cutting yourself with coral, and light sweatshirts for the evening, absolutely recommended to bring a Sun protection.