The Maldivea splendid location located in the center of theIndian Oceanis the ideal place in which to have the opportunity to engage in diving and snorkelling, to have the opportunity to admire the splendid seabed and the fish species that populate them. And the coral reef, here, is so fascinating and unique in its kind.

Divingand snorkeling are one of the main activities and attractions that are proposed during a trip to the Maldivesthese islands are characterized above all by the beauty of their sea, a real paradise for all those who love nature and the marine environment, not randomly, each Maldivian village offers its guests specialized and well-equipped diving centers, which will be able to propose specific diving locations and methods to better appreciate the beauty and charm of this territory.

At the diving centers of Maldivian tourist villages, it will be possible, upon presentation of a certificate of physical fitness, to obtain a diving license and engage in this activity in absolute safety. .

Among the most beautiful and interesting places in which to have the opportunity to engage in diving and snorkelling we certainly remember the places of Banana Reef, a protected area, where it will be possible to admire rocks, submerged caves, and the coral reef, Kagi Giriwith a varied presence of fish species, Victorycaptivating for its currents and depth of the seabed, Luky Hella locality where numerous marine species live and where one of the most beautiful coral formations is found, Malhoss Thilaa shoal, probably the most famous of the Maldives and finally Miyaru Kanduan area particularly rich in marine species, such as blue sharks, manta rays, sailfish, and tuna.